Customised Mouthguards

Would you ride a motor bike without a helmet? Would you drive a car while not wearing your seatbelt? Then why play sport without a mouthguard?

AllSPORTS Mouthguards create customised mouthguards. Here at our clinic in Queanbeyan, your personalised custom fitted mouthguard is created just for you.

Customised mouthguards provide protection for your mouth. They are specially designed to fit your mouth perfectly

Customised mouthguards fit snuggly to your teeth so it doesn’t move around your mouth.  You can drink water, call out to your team mates and kick that winning goal without having to remove your mouthguard.

We recommend that you should wear a mouth guard while playing any sports that has any sort of impact: Martial Arts, Boxing, Roller Derby, Motor cross, Mountain biking, or when there are team mates and opponents: Netball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, or flying projectiles like Ice Hockey and Squash.

All mouthguards are laminated to provide extra protection and allowing your name and contact number to be shown on the mouthguard just in case it gets misplaced.

The coloured blanks that we use are created by Australian Mouthguards in WA



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