Full Dentures

Acrylic prosthesis that replaces all teeth in a single arch.


Partial Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic prosthesis that replaces missing teeth in an arch where natural teeth still exist. This appliance body is created with acrylic resin, assisted with metal clasps to retain securely in the mouth.

Partial Chrome Dentures

This has the same function as the partial acrylic denture but the framework is metal, this makes the denture finer and easier to wear.

Implant over dentures

Acrylic denture that is designed with specialise attachments to that connect to surgically placed implant abutments.


Adjustment of the fitting surface of the denture due to bone resorption.

Tooth additions

Adding to existing denture to replace extracted tooth.

Mouth guards

Would you ride a motor bike without a helmet? Would you drive a car while not wearing your seatbelt?

Nursing Home & Hospital Visits

We have the ability to provide services to nearby hospitals and nursing homes.

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